About Us

About Us

 e-केंद्र believe in new digital India where switching to digital platform should not be restricted to the privileged. It should be an option that can be adapted by every individual in their own terms and comfort. One should have access to their business and accounts at all time Properly managed by our professionals. Today the World has become digital so is India, we here at e-केंद्र not only enable people to adapt virtual banking but also enable them to grow their business and individual.

Investments are big decisions that not only require capital but comes with years of planning, a team coming and working together as a family and with great emotional sentiments, we understand this here at e-केंद्र and we take a great responsibility in contributing to your investments and business with all the services we provide, which is backed by our professionals who take care of your every requirement in each step of your business.

e-केंद्र is one of the leading online platform that provides 450+ Banking and non-banking services that includes booking your tickets or paying your bills, managing your transactions or repaying your loan and many more which is managed by highly educated and experienced team who put constant effort to make things easier and satisfying for our customers.

Switching into virtual banking gives access to manage your account right away. But selecting a trusted platform can create a lot of chaos, through the past years we have build a very strong relationship with our customers and it’s foundation is trust. Retailers and people from every corner of the country is joining with e-केंद्र. We are committed to our promises and services.

e-केंद्र provides completely secure and fully assisted services to every individual and business of all sizes. We are committed to help retailers grow their business exponentially with proper technology and capital.

In today’s world where borrowing money is a great task that comes with a lot of security deposits and EMI’s, we have designed plans where Loans are easily available.

For those who plan to start their own business switching to e-केंद्र will surely be the best decision, as we have helped many start-ups which is doing great in every respect.

Fulfilment of commitment and promises in all the service which is backed by professionals who are trained regularly to provide the best facilities to our customers, ensuring the safety and security of business and accounts.

At e-केंद्र, we are equipped to support our government’s vision of digital India , which can transfigure the nation to become more strong, efficient and productive. e-केंद्र is the best example that stands out to be the most innovative and effective digital platform.

e-केंद्र is the trusted partner for local and national retailers for individual and business of all sizes.

from Ceo Desk

With over 15000+ e-केंद्र across India. Tech Swiff Private Limited occupies an exceptional space in its core business. As the CEO, I am very proud of this company and its employees because we at Tech Swiff always pushed for excellence and integrality in every engagement. This is why superior customer satisfaction has always been our top priority and we strive to provide our clients with exemplary services with utmost satisfaction.
From Small Business to Medium Enterprises, we focus on Business Development, Strategic alliances and Market Penetration through our consistent track record of success and a vast network of strategic and symbiotic relationships
in the Franchise Business across India.
Our story is about commitment, expertise and excellence. It speaks of sustainability and it starts with trust. earning the trust of clients and our employees is a guiding principle of our company and we work hard at it everyday.

Mohammad Shahid

CEO of Tech Swiff Private Limited